So today i wanted to try give you an insight on why you should put your money into making a crypto app and most preferably a reward/faucet app because they are more likely to get a lot more users then most crypto apps.

Most app makes it money from the in app advertising now matter if its banners or video ads and if they have the right system it could turn into a very good amount of cash every month.

Lets take the Crypto Aliens that also made the app Free Bitcoin Cash app that give users more chances to hit the 100,000 sat if they watch an advertising on 30 seconds, and if every user watch about 5 ads every hour that turns into a lot of money everyday with the over 10,000 users they have or if you take their bitcoin version that has over a million downloads which is kinda the same system as the free bitcoin cash app

A good app to get made is either one like theirs or a full out reward app that have different kind of video advertising and offer walls that will reward the single user with an amount of crypto that they can get paid out when they reach the min payout.

a good made app can bring up to $300,000 dollars every month and is also why there is so many apps on google play because you do not have to invest a whole lot of money to get apps on google play if you can code your self and in the end all you got to do is just promote it and it could bring you a lot of money from that but if you make a crypto app with the right name it will get you users on auto pilot.


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