So i already have made one post on masternodes on how it would be a better investment in the long run for everyone even tho it could cost you a good amount of money to get started, but today its all about developing the future and safety of a company and a government with the use of Masternodes.

ofc isn’t all the masternodes that is worth of an investment in the end tho there is some that could give you are fair ROI every month like dogecash that seem to be growing and actually made the ROI 3 times bigger since my last post about masternodes and actually is kinda a wild ROI every month but ofc this could get lower at any point compared to the price of the coin in it self.

So why should a company or government invest into masternodes ? Well simple, they will first of all help on developing the crypto network as well helping to a better future of crypto and mass adoption of it as well developing a safety of the company or government since they will in the end get more money in their hands that they can build to develop their business or country that they useally would have to take a loan for to get started.

Also i’m writing this post now that crypto get more into the light of the governments around the world as well as banks and company’s and i kinda hope this post will push it forward to happen because in the end it will only turn out well for the company or government.

Also this is coming on a well time when we at are planning on developing masternodes for charity and hoping in the end to be able to make our own datacenter in different places of the world. If you would like to help with that please take a look at the charity page where all options to donate are.


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