So just to sum up what fauceteer really is for new people that comes to the site but not actually sure what we do everyday.

Fauceteer is here to help people to earn crypto all for free with no investments but time, tho we do have some links where you can invest.

You can find all these sites, bots and more by going to the menu and open the earning list dropdown menu where you can find everything from faucets, PTC and bots that earn you all sort of crypto all from bitcoin to altcoins and tokens.

Beside that are we working hard on helping building a better crypto based network by telling people about good ways to earn money from masternodes or nodes in a whole and other things that could make the experience much better for you no matter if its tools, softwares or sites.

Why are we doing it for free?

Simple, we want the possible for everyone to get into the crypto game one way or another and things like this shouldn’t be paid knowledge. In the end aren’t we really doing this for “free” since we always somehow gain profit from doing this in the way of affiliate links that either give us a cut of a sale, download or a claim from a faucet and these links help us to keep doing this project.

Some people may also decide to give a donation to this project, tho all donations will go forward to our charity project that we are working hard on building right now and trying to get companies to join in on to help build a stronger world.

We will keep doing what we do!

Now soon coming up on 5 months online and we have a massive backing on traffic and partners. So far this project have only been taking well by our visitors tho we still have a fight with facebook on banning us because someone reported our site for no reason and now we have unsafe content even tho the content is all free earnings. Even with all this we will still keep on going strong and keep posting new articles every week and updating our earning lists with new options like we have lately with mobile apps and telegram bots so if you want to find more then keep come back to our site!


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