Wawex cloud mining free 500 GH/s?

So usually i wont post about these sites on here but since i’ve gotten a payout without even putting money into it i think i would give more users the chance to do the same.

The best bet on this site is for sure to focus on the dogecoin since it will be the easier coin to get min payout on in this case. I’ve gotten over 500 dogecoin paid out after 12 hours of requesting the payout and is now in my coinpayments account together with all the coins i’ve gotten from the faucet of the month.

I wouldn’t recommend to invest any money into the project since it still have the risk of turning scam as most sites are now, but if you would you can get 5000 GHS for 10 USD worth of dogecoin or bitcoin.


4 thoughts on “Wawex cloud mining free 500 GH/s?

  1. Hi, I made a deposit on the site in December 2018, I have 5 withdrawals pending since then. SCAM SITE.

    1. i’ve made claims here in the new year and gotten paid so i dont know

  2. http://prntscr.com/mfbfz2

    “NEVER PAID!.”…”SCUM WITH A SCAM!.” 100% +

    1. fun enough i did and 8 days after yours http://prntscr.com/mfgk8o

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