You like being in community’s where you discuss either one ore more different kind of coins then Uptrennd for sure is for you and here you can get paid for posting, commenting and getting upvotes on your posts.

You are paid in the 1up token on uptrennd that is a ether token that also already are traded on different exchanges. If you click one of the names in this post and join trough that link you will get $5 worth of 1up coins to your account to get started.

You can follow the posters you like so you always will know when they post their next content.

There is a really active team behind Uptrennd so you can always get your questions answered and the team is very friendly and always ready to help you.

Uptrennd is kinda a mix of twitter and reddit into one social network with posting like reddit and profiles kinda like twitter and i think its two things that work perfect together!

If you have a company can you always get target advertising using their own advertising system on uptrennd.


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