Since the weekend 5th of January the Tron have grown from $0.02 to $0.03 and seem like it still want to grow its way up past $0.03 in this week. So since i got $230 worth of tron to 0.015 i have almost tripled my money so far from looking out after news and the market it self.

Alot of Dapp developers have moved from ethereum to Tron after the market crash as well as big investors that think that tron will lead the next bull run on its values and not hype like the last bull run in the end of 2017 start 2018.

So if you buy now before it hit $0.03 and it hit $0.06 you would have tripled your money too in no time. I know there always will be someone that will not agree with me on this, but everyone can have their own opinion on this.

You can choose to listen to me or them its in the end just up to you.

If you want to know how i buy my tron you just need to read this post: How to buy tron ?


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