So i know i already have made a post on Uptrennd already but i really isn’t happy about what it turned out to be so here we go again where i hopefully will get to explain more about what Uptrennd is as a social network for Crypto lovers.

Uptrennd is your mix of twitter and reddit into one amazing system that allow you to create amazing content and earn their own Ethereum token that also is on exchange.

You can earn this token by getting up votes on your posts and comments to make sure you create good content and comments and do not just spam the network with scam affiliate links to try get affiliate signups since they will usually get voted down as well as beggars and give you minus points from it.

If you can also follow the content creators that you like on the platform so you always will get a notification when they make a new post that you might like to read.

You can find all sort of good useful information on Uptrennd like what we blog about on fauceteer different tools within the crypto world or information about investing into crypto. Uptrennd is also a good place to start for new comers to the crypto world because of the informational community’s that are made to teach people about crypto in whole.

If there is specific coins or other kind of networks you like to hear more about you can follow the community for that coin or token as well as other community’s. If you see a coin or token that is missing you can always use 100 tokens to make a new community for that coin or token or what ever.

Uptrennd is a self funded social network and had no ICO and it will be earning more from its build in advertising system as well let you buy the token to buy the advertising. So if you are a company that deal with crypto and need more costumers then you should also sign up to Uptrennd and get started with your advertising campaign and generate more sales.

That said, Uptrennd is quickly growing because of the awesome community helping a lot on gaining more site users everyday so its possible to get a lot of views on your advertising. This system support both code advertising and image banner advertising so if you have some advertising script for your banners then you can use that.

Do you like what you heard about Uptrennd and want to join ? just click any of the links in this post or click the background of the website and you will go directly to their website!


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