2018 have for sure been one hell of a ride for the world of crypto with prices going from all time high to an low price within a years time. Bitcoin alone have fallen $14,000 since the start of 2018 but is slowly finding its way back up.

Even tho fauceteer.pw is fairly new website to an old network of websites it still have been shown so much love the past months time from not only faucet owners but also the people that claim from faucets.

All this support have made us think a lot on the future and where we want to move this website in the future and we have been all over the place also listing some of the things we will for sure be working on in the new year in an older post from december.

Maybe we could in the new year look into making a faucet Token or coin ? or what about making an API system that is connected to different micro wallets API system so you can make faucets that support all micro wallets ? Or make our own faucet wallet network with pre-made scripts after what we think is good? Who knows, there is so many options for 2019 and what we can do.

We are looking forward for 2019 and what we can bring for the crypto family!


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