We started shorl.cc some time back before fauceteer.pw even was a thing. Its now slowly growing bigger and bigger and we have started to slowly put up the payout rate for publishers.

We wanted to build a url shortner that people could have a trust in would keep going and not close down anytime soon as many url shortners do just because they use your traffic to earn some fast bitcoin or money.

We are closing in on being open for a year with our url shortner shorl.cc and have in 2019 done a lot of changes that will max out profit for both us and publishers and have so many more plans for the future that we slowly are adding to shorl.cc.

We are only paying out to bitcoin right now but will soon be adding paypal and other forms of payments so there will be something for everyone.

We accept all sort of human traffic no matter if it comes from a faucet or facebook as long its genuine human traffic and not bot traffic since bot traffic will get you automatically banned from the service.

We have even added our own service to our faucet highfaucet.pw so people can see it in action.

Shorl.cc is not using any annoying banners that cover up most of the page so you can’t skip because the banner ad is covering over the button as we have seen with some other of the url shortners out there and i’ve even missed claims or important things because i couldn’t move on with the service because of the banner covering everything.

You can try out the service your self or start generating income from referring new users with our 30% affiliate system.



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