Revolut is the next top banking solution that give you an UK bank account and Euro SEPA account so you can get transfers from Europe and worldwide.

Tho transfers aren’t really needed here because you can create pay links where people can pay with card and have it directly into your account right away in their local or crypto currency (Crypto needs Premium or Metal account)

There is 3 different account types where one of them is the free service that give you a standard Mastercard with nothing special to it. Tho beside that they have Premium and Metal that give you well for premium a normal premium mastercard and Metal you get a metal Mastercard

Every account comes with their pros and the better account the higher limitations do you have like for eg. if you have metal you can withdraw £600 a month with no fees and exchange over 24 different currency for free all you want with no fee.

You also get with Metal insurance overseas medical insurance for in case you get sick so you wont have to pay big money. Delayed baggage and flight insurance, global express delivery worldwide on 2 to 3 days in case you need a new card.

You also get within the EU 0.1% payback on using your card and 1% outside of the EU. You get one free airport lounge pass a month for the supported lounges and best of all you can have them book a hotel room for you 24/7.

This comes for a £13 a month and is very cheap for what you get thinking on how much an insurance for travel cost just for a week in my country that usually get around that price or more.

They also offer a on the side special insurance for £1 a week on your phone that help you when your phone crack your screen, Liquid damage, Touchscreen malfunction and battery failure.

If you want to learn more about this service please visit them at


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