We wan’t to share different ways to earn more for free, but you can also just buy if thats what you are looking for.

We have tokens already inside this site earning us money for us stacking this token. Right now 100 tokens stacked will earn you 1.43 euro every month that will be put into your account.

The money the token is giving can be used to either getting a sim card to use with your mobile phone or get paid to balance so you can buy more tokens to stack and much more or get it paid out to bitcoin or other coins.

With our invite link will you gain 100 free tokens that you can stack and start earning every month all for free and then start buying with when you earn, however you can grow it faster by buying more tokens to the rate of 0.13 euro before it grows.

To get 143 euro a month you would need 100,000 tokens but since that the payout for token holders grow over time it could be a lot more later on, but since you get over 140 the first month you quickly could grow your amount of tokens and get paid even more the next month. To join you can Click here


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