So we have been looking into how we could give a lot more to charity with all the donations and money we give to charity. We will from now on put the donations we get into starting masternodes for different coins.

This could possibly give a bigger return every month that we could give to charity. We have looked into different master node coins and witch once that would be the best investment with a good return for hosting the master node that also will cover the hosting cost.

If you want to give a small donation forward this investment for charity you can use the charity page or click the coinpayments button below to get started.

With this project will we both support a better network for crypto and a solid income for charity. Its two things that we need in this world to develop crypto even further and on the same time make a change in this world for the better, because things do not get better by it self and only by working together to create what is better.


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