So now after so much planning and more we finally have started our first node and about to start our second node as well. We have taken $1000 out of the earnings of this site and put into this project and are now working on getting the masternode website setup so people can learn more about what we do and donate directly to the project there and if a company get listed on the sponsor page.

We are right now dealing with Dogecash and condomium since they seemed to be the best option as this time. We would ofc like to start more then these two but unless we get the funding from a company or private donation.

You can click here if you want to give a small donation no matter if its 1 dollar or more, every penny counts in charity. We can take all sort of coins and tokens and allow you to give a donation 3 different ways.

First one is our charity system with a few different coins and tokens that also list your donation in our system.

Second is coinpayments where we have chosen a lot of different coins you can donate to us.

third is a normal address or QR code donation form where you can click on the coin you want to donate and it will show both the QR and address to make it easier for you.

We actually also have a fourth way if you have the brave browser and you have some BAT left in your brave wallet then you can donate to us since we are brave partner verified and you will give a donation to us paid by brave if you got them from brave. You can also if not a brave user download the browser from our link and use it for 50 days and we will get $5 worth of BAT from that.

The nodes we are planning.

Quantis [QUAN] – Cost = $200

AceD [ACED] – Cost = $230

Paccoin [PAC] – Cost = $470

Madcoin [MDC] – Cost = $810

Vitae – Cost = $12000

TWINS – Cost $1500

DASH – Cost $93000

Many more

We have chosen these coins because they all over a big monthly return and would be the best option to get a good monthly funding we could give forward to charity projects and future development of the charity it self in more country’s.


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