So i thought that i would explain a little about how we plan on doing the masternode charity datacenter/centers. We have used a lot of time to plan it out so we can do this right the first time and keep it going by it self in the end.

The plan is to develop masternodes at a host at first to we can afford to start a datacenter by our self and host the nodes our self to a cheaper price in the end.

How will we do that ?

Simple, every month of the return we will put 25% to the site to put forward the datacenter and the rest for charity.

You can help us get started much bigger by donating to any of the information on the charity page or go to our Bitbacker page and pledge to the project.

We plan to develop datacenters at secret location around in the world where each datacenter will be put forward to charity within the location of the datacenter no matter if its a fund or some sort of project in the country that will make it better for young people or homeless since there is no boundaries on what charity is able to get a part of the funding. (not including PETA or crazy charities alike)

Will you keep taking 25%?

Yes, we will keep taking 25% every month forward to develop the current datacenter or new datacenters around the world. The plan is that the datacenters should be able to fund it self in the end when it comes to paying rent, power or if there need replacement of the nodes or upgrading.

You planned some countries yet?

Yes we already have planned some country’s that we will build the datacenters in first of all since some places aren’t possible as yet unless rules have been changed within that country.

Planned Country’s

  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Iceland

We can’t give specific location because of security reasons to protect datacenters in the future from getting attacked or other things, but we will keep you fully up to date when there is things happening that is worth mentioning.

What Masternodes we want to start?

We have ofc been looking into what coins that would be the best option to host to get a good return per server so things wont operate on a loss and the coins are.

  • Dogecash
  • Altbet
  • CryptocashB
  • Quantis
  • Aced
  • Paccoin
  • Madcoin

We can’t do this alone, we can only develop the world for the better together as once so every donation counts no matter if its $1 or $1000 dollars, we appreciate every dollar people are funding this project with.


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