Some coins can be hard to buy because not many places let you buy all the small coins or tokens with a credit/debit card with a low fee, and thats why i’m making this post to help you guys out.

Usually i use coinbase since they have the lowest fee out there as one of the older once, ofc you will need to be verified to start using coinbase because they are dealing with credit/debit card but you can use other places then coinbase for eg Changelly but they have a min 100 USD order amount or ChangeNow that have a min order of 50 USD but there you can buy Tron Directly.

If you want a low fee of 99 cent when you order coinbase is perfect for you and thats what we will use in this post together with atomic wallet that you can download here and use promo code SKKB9 to get 25 free atomic Wallet Tokens.

  1. First go to the buy/sell page on coinbase and chose the coin you want to buy, in this case Litecoin would work fine since its usually not as busy as bitcoin is and should get to your atomic wallet faster.
  2. Now when you have ordered your coin on coinbase you need to copy paste your atomic wallet address for the coin you just ordered and send it all to there.
  3. When you have received your coin in your atomic wallet you need to go to exchange and exchange your coin to Tron, note that you need to min exchange 0.4 LTC witch is about 15 USD.
  4. It will now then take 5 to 20 mins for the exchange to get into your Tron wallet and when its done you can move your tron to a wallet at where you can freeze your tron to gain votes and vote on a tron SR like and receive rewards for voting that could gain you more Tron in the end.

I really hope this post helped you and you would share it around with your friends!



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