There is so many new websites popping up here and there but only a few really stand out compared to the other. Hapo App is a new media sharing platform that let you upload photos and videos and earn bitcoin for up votes and so on and giving the app good content.

This app have everything from memes to funny songs and so on that you also find on 9gag as well a little extra that you do not see on 9gag that usually is the biggest meme site out there but you do not get anything for hitting a good amount of upvotes or comments on what you post there.

With Hapo App you have a reason to get votes because it will give you Diamonds that you can convert to bitcoins and get paid out to your bitcoin wallet.

10,000 diamonds here is about $0.40 and is also what you get per signup when you get people to join Hapo App plus more rewards the more users you get and the more that stay active on the app.

Unlike 9gag does Hapo app come with a follow system so you can follow the uploaders you like and always get amazing funny content and music from these uploaders.

Hapo app is fastly growing because of the content and that they are paying bitcoin and even tho its not a crazy amount unless you have a big following that can gain you a lot of signups its still a good way to earn some more bitcoin and keep it to the price goes up and you haven’t had to take money out of your own pocket.

As they say them self they are a mix of Tiktok, Reddit and Instagram tho i think they should add 9gag to the list of what they are a mix of.

Hapo app let you get paid to be a creator like youtube does in the end too so now you get paid to be entertaining and this is a powerful tool since it doesn’t really take too much effort to get started posting good memes or other things tho making video content might.


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