So we have been changing a lot behind the scenes of fauceteer that you haven’t really been able to see without we would post about it. We are starting a crypto Fund that will help good projects around the world and charity events as well as big charity collecting days.

This is still getting setup but helping is still possible. We will put 25% of all our earnings into the pool of the fund. We will give 95% of every donation we receive to the fund where 5% is put forward the cost of driving all this.

We are now also using coinpayments that is different from our “company” wallet so we have one place to collect all the crypto we accept.

We accept 99% of all the coins that coinpayments support so it should be easy to find a coin that you use.

Projects that is going under the fauceteer fund will be something like helping poor people get an education or something that can help a village get clean water or something that could help curing or finding a cure for something.

The idea is that we will collect the money and “invest” them into what ever project we see fit to get the support.

There will be a bigger list on things we would love to support when the project is fully up and running as it should. If you are lazy to click the charity button on the menu we’ve added a donate button below, but you can donate by looking at a link on the charity page all for free of charge.


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