So this is for sure the best partnership that we could get because we personally support ledger and its products as a whole. Ledger is one of the best hardware wallets out there compared to all the options that have come out with time that crypto have been growing.

Ledger alone almost support 1200 different cryptos to be installed on the hardware wallet system tho its different from the ledger products on how many apps you can install on one single ledger.

The pricing of Ledger goes from $68 to somewhere around $333 converted from the danish prices using google, so if the prices aren’t right please blame google for this mistake.

With now the Ledger Blue being sold out and there only is left to buy the Ledger Nano S or pre-order the Ledger Nano X that will be the newer Ledger to the family with the amazing CC EAL5+ security chip and space for 100 apps installed. The new Ledger Nano X goes for almost $140.

If Ledger Nano X is a little too much to pay for then Ledger Nano S surely is a good buy for almost $70 and it comes with the option to pick between 5 different colors so you almost can get the color you want.


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