We have seen so many lists on faucet scripts, but they are either outdated or a bit messy so we have taken our time to try make the list a little better then those. The plan is to update the post everytime we find a new one and make a fully new list in 2020.

Fap PTC faucet script

This faucet script make it easy for you to make a faucet that pay people for visiting URL shortner links. This script support all faucethub coins so you can set it up with any of the coins. Cost $30

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Fap Faucet Script

This is made by the same person as the PTC script, but this one is free and you can have all faucethub coins on one page and let the faucet users claim one of the coins every set amount of time. Its very easy to setup and working very well and easy to change in the code to make it look like you want to. We use this script for our faucet.

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Gr8 PTC Script

This is kinda the same as the other PTC script but cost a lot more but also have a lot more too it. Its a very easy to use and is 100% worth the amount of money it cost and you should be able to earn back what it cost fast. This script goes for $160

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Gr8 Faucet script

This is the faucet script of Gr8 and work like most faucets you use and a lot of the faucets you use now use this script. Its a very well coded script. Its a very clean design and easy to setup. This script goes for $100

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Material Faucet Script

This is a very cheap faucet script that look very good and clean and easy to setup. Its a very simple script and cost you only $15 to get started.

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Multicoin Faucet Script

This is one of the bigger scripts of them all. This script let you have multiple coins in one faucet and include games, tasks, shortlinks, miner and auto faucet in a all out solution or as addons you can buy on the side, its a great design, but the menu seem to have some problems but should be a easy fix. This comes to a price of $89 and addons of a price between $19 to $59. This also give you 15000 PTC views in the order to get a good start!

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We know this is not all of them but it will be updated over the month to complete it fully.


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