On the same time we are building the biggest list of all types of faucets we also building our own faucet line. Right now are we building faucets on faucethub where the first faucet is Zcash that you can find here: https://fauceteer.pw/zcash-faucet/

We want to support as many coins as possible and we will on a later stage also support the same coins as faucethub support without it has a connection to faucethub but we want to give all micro wallets a chance too. We are still filling the Zcash faucet and have a little over 3 million Zec sat that you can claim and you have a chance to gain up to 10,000 ZEC sat on one claim.

We will after being done with the Zcash faucet look into making a faucet with Bitcoin but it all comes to the amount of claims and support for the Zcash faucet.

We really want to make some high paying faucets no matter what coin it is so if the Zcash faucet gets enough claims and support we will make a bitcoin faucet that let you claim up to 10,000 sat as well.

With smaller coins we will be able to make it bigger claims as whole coins per claim.


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