This list will hopefully answer your questions

Q: When will my faucet be listed?

A: We will ad the faucet as soon as possible, we do it all manually so it all comes up to how many faucet listings we get

Q: Is it only Faucethub faucets that is allowed to be listed?

A: No, we want to build the biggest faucet list so just submit the faucet.

Q: There is a faucet that isn’t paying what should i do?

A: You can submit it on an email to admin@fauceteer.pw with all the information and proof.

Q: What happens to your affiliate earnings?

A: We donate 25% of what we get from your claims to cancer research and rest for server cost and upgrade.

Q: Do you list mining sites or bitcoin doublers?

A: No we want to protect our users so we do not list scam sites.