This service have been around for a while now, but i have a feeling not many knows about and how good a service Eobot is. Even tho the faucet is only once a day Eobot still pay out a bigger amount on the coin you have chosen in your account. I got 20,000 litetoshi today when i write this post.

Eobot has a mining service that is rather cheap that can give you a good amount monthly paying almostly no money and can order down to 1 GH/s and up to 100,000 GH/s where every 1000 GH/s cost only $5.

You can mine any of the 20 supported coins and even exchange between the different coins so if you want to mine a coin that is easier to mine and exchange to the needed coin then you can do that with no problem. You can pay for this using crypto or Fiat coins.

As said Eobot can also be used as a wallet since they allow for you to deposit to your account.

If you really want to invest your money somewhere this is sure the best place if you want to make sure not to lose your money on scams.

So join today!


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