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We are earning money with our JSEC script that is running in the background and if you use our affiliate links from the menu or below here or donate BAT using the brave browser
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Questions and Answers

Q: How do i withdraw my claimed coins ?

A: No need to do anything, as soon as you reach 10 doge it will be paid to your address.

Q: Why is there no shortlinks or advertising?

A: This faucet is not made to make profit, but to reward people who visit our site with free dogecoin every 8 hours tho we are running JSECoin and JSEC ads that use a very very very very small amount of your cpu to mine JSE, want to know more ? Click here

Q: How do you fund your faucet ?

A: The affiliate links that you click in our posts and menu help us fund our faucet to keep rewarding all of you for visiting our site.

Q: Why do you give out free Dogecoin?

A: We give out free dogecoin to say we love our readers since they are the people who make this site possible and help us reach our goals. So the more readers, affiliate “sales” and more the higher possible payout will this faucet get.