I have been writing a little about this on why you should publish an android app. The app could possible make you 200k every month if you do it right.

Don’t worry, you wont need to do a whole lot of work with getting an app developed since there is many places where you can buy templates and you can just change a little on the design so it becomes your own.

First you might ask, why android and not IOS? Well simple, it cost a yearly price to have a license to be able to publish apps to the IOS marketplace where you only pay 20 dollars to make a company on the google play store where you also will have a bigger target of users.

So in case you do not want to develope your own app you could always use a service like codester that is a marketplace for scripts, apps and themes for different CMS’s. and they have over 500 android apps you can buy from the store and download and open with android studios and follow the guide that follows to edit everything.

Here you can find everything from to do list apps and game apps and even earn to do task apps so there is a lot of different ways you could make an earning from ads and surveys and more.

Using codester will make the work easy for you tho you will have to give up a small portion of your own money to get started tho you could earn it back fast if you “advertise” your app right and the right places.

Here is a few of my fav projects i think could be some good starters to a somewhat fair price.

City Quide – Android Studio Project

See more

Currency Calculator – Android App Source Code

See More

CryptoWallet – Crypto Tracker Android Template

See More

Jancuk – Anonymous Social Network Android

See More

We hope this could help you start a new business for almost no money or no big investment of millions of dollars. Please if you like it give it a share to your friends or social networks.

If you want our help you can donate us $25 and we will help you for a session of 3 hours business help. the money will go to charity so all you need to do is go to the charity page and donate crypto to any of the addresses and write us an mail on admin@fauceteer.pw with the tx and image from your wallet of the transaction.


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