There is so many ways to earn more money or crypto out there, but there is also a lot of ways to lose money or getting scammed. Today i hope to explain what is a better option and what isn’t.


Any investment site or cloud mining that promise any insane get rich quick bs or for that sake bitcoin generators. First of all there is really a few and i mean a few sites that really are out there to generate you money but they are also the sites that doesn’t get so much love because they do not pay a good amount a day because people are busy getting rich quick before they are using their brain. If you really want to invest somewhere that give you a daily return then you should sign up for Cryptolux, they are soon being investing into trading since 2017.

When it comes to mining so many of the mining sites are also most likely scams and again only a few is there to really help you. If we really have to look into a company that really want to help you then you should look after Helixx Mine because they do not promise some insane amount monthly for just investing $100, matter of fact you will need $10,000 just to get anywhere close to make $1500 a month for a year and any other site promising more then that for less is more likely to be a scam then a legit paying site.

Never buy crypto from an unknown site or cheaper from private people or for that sake sell, there is a lot of factors for this like chargebacks and stealing/scams. If you really have to buy from a private person, meet them in person and do the transaction there so both of you feel safe and can’t scam.


HODL is always the easy option for everyone, you can do this using coinbase as one of the better options because you can buy and sell instantly (use my link and you get $10 BTC more when you order for $100 or more) but you can use a known exchange like Binance to trade.

If you aren’t sure what coin to invest your money into then ask around on reddit or sites like uptrennd that aren’t filled with bots posting a lot of links on your post to scam sites and more.

If you do not feel like investing money and just want to earn for free, then please check our earning lists, we are doing the hard work for you and finding you the faucets and earning sites/apps for you or check our faucet of the month posts.


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