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Crypto Scripts

We would like to give our readers the option to get cheap crypto scripts that can help them start their own website, all the scripts are linked on affiliate and will help support this site and charity. We will with time add more scripts to this list.

Crypto Converter script

This script let your users calculate the different coins so eth to btc and more. This is a very simple script and doesn’t need anything else but promoting.

CxCoin Crypto Tools

This is an all out crypto tool system that show prices, price alerts and many other tools

Crypto Converter 2

This is a better looking website design and responsive and supports ads and over 2000 different coins and tokens to be calculated.

CryptoWallet Crypto Tracker Android template

This template is amazing and cost almost nothing but yet so powerful a tool that runs on API and support google admob ads. This kind of apps are downloaded a lot and could be a good cheap investment.

Krypto – Angular Crypto Tracker

This is an all out Tracker service that have collected all coins out there on to one platform, you can search all of them and click on them to get a better view of the coins and tokens.

Coin Social and news script

This is one of the fav scripts i’ve seen so far, a fully automated social network script that collect news from around the world, support forum, chat and even trackers for the different coins With the amount of features this support its very cheap for only $29 where others would sell it for over 100.

Bond Coin – ICO Token sale Script

This is what it is, its your cheaper solution to start your own ico

Coin Marketcap script

Want to start your own marketcap site fast ? then this script is for you, it comes with dark mode and different ways to earn money from your traffic.