Company Sponsor

Do you come from a company and want to help with the master node charity project then you should write us an email using the contact page and be clear about what you want. Company’s supporting this project will have a spot on the sponsor page when the masternode charity website will be up and running.

What we are looking for in our sponsors.

  • Funding – any crypto that we always can exchange to the masternode coin.
  • Server hosting sponsor in any of the country’s Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany or Iceland at this moment.
  • Advertising sponsors
  • Other sponsors – If you have something else you want to offer in to the project with feel free to write.

Every start of a new masternode can cost all from $100 – $2000 depending on the masternode coin price and why we have to look after funding help from company’s and normal citizens like any charity so we can keep adding more and more servers all around the world to help develop charity projects and much more that will help the world to be a better place.

Projects this could support

  • Youth project keeping the youth out of crime eg.
  • Disaster relief
  • Projects to help homeless
  • Development of infrastructure in less developed country’s
  • clean water, etc u get it.

You can use the contact page or write directly to