This platform is a platform that let you lend out money or borrow money between people. So people lending from other people trough a site that just are taking a small fee every time instead of being the lender.


Lenders can lend money to other people and earn money on an interest rate per year that will gain you money borrowing your money on a short term (7 to 30 days) or long term (2 to 36 months).

So lending 1000 USD out can bring you more then 600 usd back on interest’s and you can choose if you want the collateral to be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin that you will get in case they do not pay back your loan.


This part kinda say it self, you go to the list of lending offers and find the offer you want to take as a loan and then put your crypto in as collateral to you paid back the loan. You can borrow USD, Euro, GBP, RUB, TUSD, GUSD and USDC and will have to pay back in same to pay your loan back.

If you like this you can join Here to get started either lending or borrowing.


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