As you might have and might not seen we are supporting charity on this website. That means that 25% of all ad income and claims done from our links on site will go to support cancer research

This charity is close to us personally because everyone on the team have been close to it in some kind of way and why it was the only option to support.

We might support other charities in the future depending on how many people use our links and we gain enough to give a good amount to multiple charities.

Its not required but you can also help us by donating just a small amount of crypto to any of the wallets down below this.

You can also donate by visiting the URLS in the box below


donate to us with clicking a link
NamePer 24 hoursDonate
Tokenfly4 clicks per IPDonate
Vivads1 click per IPDonate
linkrexunlimited/not toldDonate
btcmsunlimited / not toldClaim
123linkunlimited / Not toldDonate
adsbtcunlimited / Not toldDonate
shortzonunlimited / Not toldDonate
biturlunlimited / Not toldDonate
ouounlimited / Not toldDonate
okeunlimited / Not toldClaim
1inksunlimited / Not toldClaim
shorl4 clicks per IPDonate