Are you tired of paying high fees or high min exchanges ? Well then ChangeNow is for sure for you. ChangeNow let you you exchange between 150+ different coins and tokens and doesn’t have a min transaction price like Changelly does of a $100.

At ChangeNow you won’t need to have an account to exchange your crypto to a different crypto and you can also buy with credit/debit card if you just are getting into the game of crypto or just want to buy more crypto for you to HODL.

If you want to see what you can get for your crypto on exchange then you can try out above this with the exchanger and if you are happy with it press exchange and you have started your exchange.

Do you like to get rewarded everytime you use a service? well then ChangeNow NOW Token is for you. You get the ETH Now Token every time you exchange with them.

If you aren’t sure who supports the Now Token you can always download Atomic Wallet and use code: SKKB9 to get 25 free AWC tokens.

ChangeNow do ofc support all the popular coins and tokens that mostly are used today as well as new coins and tokens. You can also get Tron if you are into that coin and ofc since its everywhere atm. Exchange unlimited now and get rewarded!


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