Well you might think is this real ? hell yea it is. I know how expensive it can be to have a guy come in to look trough your business and could easy cost you $50 to $100 an hour. Thats why i offer a session (3 hours) for $25. Why you may ask ? well i love charity andi do it in the name of charity and all the money will go directly to charity so if you want to give more then the $25 then you can that.

The session will be trough any program like skype, facebook, discord or what ever, the business can be anything and doesn’t have to be sole crypto base. It can be a local shop, an local website or a company that want the world as its business and costumers.

Who am i ?

My name is Casper and i’m 25 (07/07/1993) and im from Denmark. I have always been into business since i was a little kid and used a lot of time on learning and tested my real first leading position within the gaming world in a clan helping it grow its user base with over 500% all in the free way. Since then i’ve build all kind of online businesses that went from having no views to millions of views every month not using a single dime on advertising but more time to post around the internet since i saw less traffic coming from advertising then i saw come from forums, facebook and other social channels.

i have experience in both running a local shop and online business as well as web developing so i can help your business in many ways to improve.

I also know a lot of different paid and free tools to help you grow


You can pay in any crypto almost tho it has to be listed on coinmarketcap and be more then 6 months old, i do prefer coins listed on atomic wallet that you can find here.

If you prefer bank transfer or pay with card i have option for both.

Why to charity?

I’m one of the lucky once that can earn a living from my websites and local projects in my city where i live and i know there is so many people out there that isn’t as lucky as me and other business owners.

Thats why i will put all the money forward to my charity project that hopefully will grow big enough to reach the world that is meant to help develop enough funding to pay for charity projects that help the country it self no matter if its a project that keep young people out of doing illegal things or helping homeless people.

Use the contact page to contact me and i will get back to you within 2 days max.


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