Its the time of the month where we have to pick a new faucet of the month for you guys to enjoy! This time Althub have been chosen and its a faucet that we had on our radar for some time to be posted on this page.

Althub is a multicoin faucet and support 17 different coins and that include the faucethub coins as well as other coins like Tron, Verge and Stellar just to mention a few of them.

Althub give you 30 claims per coin as far we can see and its easy to claim eveery 5 mins with an easy anti bot and url shortner link to pass before you are giving a random amount of a pre-set amount like on Tron that is 800k to 2000k suns per 5 mins.

Althub also let you “mine” every coin using your CPU so you can max out your earnings from the coin you really want to get more of.

You can do offerwalls, PTC, exchange and much more on Althub as well to exchange the coins you maybe earn from affiliate or earn more for the coin you like.

Over all do Althub have a very nice looking design and its easy to find what you need on Althub tho there is some information that is excluded like the amount of of affiliates you have gotten in a full number instead of just a list of when they joined .



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