So we are now have now chosen to get back our very very first faucet of the month that we ever had because they keep on doing amazingly by adding more and more altcoins to the site for you to claim every 5 mins.

They have since a few months ago added multiple new altcoins beside the already coins they had and do now support over 30 coins including bitcoin, stellar and ripple.

Beside having 30+ faucets they also let you browser mine all of the supported coins so you can both claim and mine on the same time and even autoclaim up to 3 coins at the same time.

Auto claiming is limited tho and you gain 2 auto claims every day you login or for every shortner url you get 4 new auto claims.

Allcoins also come with a big amount of different games where you can get lucky and earn a lot more.

As many big faucet sites they have offerwall and PTC that let you earn more and as one of the few faucet sites that allow you to exchange between all supported coins.

You can withdraw to any wallet with allcoins so you wont need to use any site like faucethub to claim.

To join click the banner below

Other things while you are on this page a friend of fauceteer is in need of your help to reach their goal on gofundme, doesn’t matter if its just a share or money since everything will help greatly!


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