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Fauceteer + PrimeXBT

Starting today Fauceteer and PrimeXBT will be working together to make your trading experience much better with this totally new platform that is really noob friendly to getting started in trading. If you never traded before would i fully say that PrimeXBT is a good place to start and is one of the reasons we […]

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Wawex cloud mining free 500 GH/s?

So usually i wont post about these sites on here but since i’ve gotten a payout without even putting money into it i think i would give more users the chance to do the same. The best bet on this site is for sure to focus on the dogecoin since it will be the easier […]

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We started some time back before even was a thing. Its now slowly growing bigger and bigger and we have started to slowly put up the payout rate for publishers. We wanted to build a url shortner that people could have a trust in would keep going and not close down anytime soon […]

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Fauceteer fund

So we have been changing a lot behind the scenes of fauceteer that you haven’t really been able to see without we would post about it. We are starting a crypto Fund that will help good projects around the world and charity events as well as big charity collecting days. This is still getting setup […]

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Faucet Scripts 2019

We have seen so many lists on faucet scripts, but they are either outdated or a bit messy so we have taken our time to try make the list a little better then those. The plan is to update the post everytime we find a new one and make a fully new list in 2020. […]

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Earncrypto The easy way to earn crypto

Earncrypto is your way to earn very easy crypto coins. This network support a lot of different coins like dogecoin, bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum but also many more. Earncrypto let you earn crypto coins by doing surveys, jobs, offers, data entry and even from watching videos. To tell you how easy it is to earn […]